5 Tips for Safely Bucking Hay

When harvest season rolls around it’s not unusual to come across the term bucking hay. If you live in a small community you may have even done this laborious job yourself, whether in helping a family member on their farm, or in a rodeo competition. Maybe you have a side job of cutting bales yourself. Regardless of how you end up moving hay around, here are five safety tips you should remember.
1. Use Job Equipment Appropriately
There are a number of tools that might be used while bucking hay including a flatbed trailer or truck, or a tractor equipped with a double bale hay spear. It’s important to use this equipment appropriately and fully train anyone who might be operating the machinery.
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2. Wear Protective Clothing
Anyone helping to move the hay bales should be wearing protecting clothing. Items such as denim jeans, chaps and heavy skin covering shirts can protect the body from any scratches or irritation hay might cause.
3. Don’t Forget Your Gloves
Work gloves are also important. Bucking hay requires regular grabbing and carrying which can wear on the body. A good pair of gloves can help prevent skin irritation or blisters.
4. Use Safe Lifting Techniques
Whenever you lift a bale of hey it’s important to use techniques designed for safe lifting. Use your legs instead of your back and avoid twisting your spine while a heavy bale is in your hands. Instead, turn your whole body.
5. Ask for Help
If you’ve ever bucked hay you probably already know that it’s a multiple person job. This means that there should be someone around to lend you a hand if you need one. Don’t be afraid to ask if you encounter a situation where a second pair of hands might be needed.
Remembering these five tips when bucking hay can help you stay safe and avoid a possible injury. Use the appropriate equipment, wear protective clothing, don’t forget your gloves, use safe lifting techniques, and let someone know if you need help.