Buying a car for the first time has to be done right so that you don’t feel guilty about using it years later. Not just setting a budget, you also have to know the needs and features offered by the car. Here are four tips for buying a first car that you can use as a guide.

Adjust the type of car to your needs

The first tip when buying a car for the first time is to adjust it to your needs. Before you choose a car based on the specified budget, find out first who this car will be used for. Then, what mobility will be undertaken with the car?

If you are a parent with two children, for example, your car needs will certainly be different from that of a single worker. Furthermore, if you are a person who likes challenges and has to go …

Do not drive if you have experienced these signs

Don't drive if you're fatigue or drowsy.

Have you ever felt sleepy while driving? If so, did you continue driving or stop for a moment? Not only the car that needs to be treated, but your body condition also needs to be considered before driving. It’s useless if you know the price list of the best car engine oil, always service on time, and buy the best components for the car but instead rarely maintain body condition when driving. Do not be overlooked, body condition is no less important than the condition of a car engine. If both are not properly considered, it is difficult to realize a sense of security and comfort when driving.

Drowsiness varies, some can still be held, and some cannot be tolerated

If you have experienced various signs like this, then you should not force to continue the journey.

  • The eyelid feels heavy, even though it has been tried to open

Are You In The Auto Market? Use This Advice

Congratulations on your decision to buy a new car

Once you obtain your vehicle, you can drive on the open roads and feel the wind in your hair. There are a few things to consider before you buy the car. Read the following article for some car shopping tips that might help you when it’s time to buy.

Prior to even stepping foot in a dealership, you need to know what kind of car you want. If you have kids, maybe you should be looking for a van or large SUV. If it is just you, maybe you want something more sportier. Either way, knowing what you want will make the whole process of shopping for a car easier.

When buying a Audi A4 Used Cars, or Infiniti Personal Lease a great way to tell if the car has been in an accident is to look into the door …

10 Gift Ideas that EVERY Car Guy Needs! – Eastwood Auto Restoration Blog

Buying gifts for a car enthusiast isn’t always the easiest task. These 10 gifts are guaranteed to make anyone with a car, truck, or motorcycle VERY happy!

1.The LED PUCK Light!


It doesn’t matter if you are working in the garage or underneath your sink in the house, every person should have a quality light in their toolbox. This light pumps out an impressive 600 lumens on high and 300 on low and can run up to 3 hours before you need a full charge.

What I really like about this is that it has a magnetic base, a hook and a 360° swivel head. When I say this light will work ANYWHERE, I mean it!

The best part is the price. Coming in at around $32, you can’t beat this deal.


2. Get Comfortable with this Detailing Stool

Detailing wheels? Change brakes? Hanging out with your buddies

How Many Car Lengths Between Cars Is The Recommended Following Distance?

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Responsible drivers always maintain a gap between their car’s front and the rear of the vehicle ahead of their machine. Called “following distance,” this practice reduces the risk of collisions and makes driving safer.

How many car lengths between cars when driving is recommended as the minimum safe following distance?

How Many Car Lengths Between Cars Is The Recommended Following Distance?

The safe following distance depends on how fast your car is going at the moment. For every 10 miles per hour of speed, attempt to keep one car length between you and the other vehicle on the road.

driver on a highway with both hands on the wheel.
For every 10 miles per hour of speed, attempt to keep one car length between you and the other vehicle on the road.

Follow the Three-Second Rule

The three-second rule is another way to determine the recommended following distance. Choose a point on the road and wait

BA Auto Care | How do you know when to change your tires?

Brian England, Tues, Apr 19, 2022

Part of any preventative maintenance should include the careful evaluation of your vehicles tires at least every 6 months. Tires are the most critical part of your car. They should be in excellent condition so your car steers, brakes and accelerates properly. Good tires keep you safe, so we include a comprehensive tire evaluation every time you bring your car in for preventative maintenance.

We check each tire for:
1. Pressure
2. Wear and wear pattern
3. Damage, puncture, or impact
4. Age deterioration

If you need new tires for your vehicle. here are three questions you should ask:
1. How do I find the best place to purchase auto tires?
2. What should I be looking for?
3. Is the internet the best place to buy or should I just go to a tire shop?

When it comes to buying tires for

Kia Niro PHEV unlikely to return

Kia Australia is “very happy” with local reception to the new-generation Niro crossover, but the plug-in hybrid version isn’t likely to rejoin the Australian range.

Kia’s local chief operating officer, Damien Meredith, told CarExpert he’s pleased with current volumes of the new Niro – and the Niro Plus purpose built vehicle (PBV) – but stopped short of indicated a return of the Niro Plug-in Hybrid.

“We’re very happy with the numbers we’re doing,” Mr Meredith said.

“[But] will we bring back Niro Plug-in Hybrid, probably not.”

Mr Meredith added that the original indicated figure of 100-150 units per month of the new Niro across both Hybrid (HEV) and EV models remains accurate for our market.

“It’s about that, yeah,” he said.

General manager of product planning, Roland Rivero, also reiterated the fact tight supply in Australia is largely down to the priority given to global markets with

Ora Good Cat EV launched in Malaysia – 400 km range for RM140k, 500 km for RM170k; 8 yr battery warranty

The Great Wall Motors (GWM) Ora Good Cat electric hatchback finally gets its official Malaysian market launch today, following the opening of order books two weeks ago and having collected more than 100 bookings on the opening weekend. In Europe earlier this year, this car was launched as the Funky Cat.

The Ora Good Cat arrives in Malaysia with two battery capacity specifications in two trim level variants – the 400 Pro and the 500 Ultra, priced from RM139,800 on-the-road, without insurance for the 400 Pro, and RM169,800 for the 500 Ultra.

Both trim levels feature the same powertrain configuration, which is a single electric motor producing 143 PS and 210 Nm of torque driving the front wheels. The 0-100 km/h sprint is done in 7.9 seconds and top speed is 152 km/h, according to Great Wall Motors.

GWM Ora Good Cat specifications list – click to enlarge

The 400

Volkswagen Amarok: Final first-gen Walkinshaw special hits the road

Volkswagen and Walkinshaw’s fettled first-generation Amarok ute has officially reached the end of the road.

The 2600th example of the W-Series Amarok this week rolled off the production line in Clayton, Victoria, ahead of the next-generation Amarok’s arrival Down Under early in 2023.

The final car was a W580SE, of which 99 were produced.

In total, Volkswagen and Walkinshaw produced 1419 examples of the W580S, 458 of the W580, 599 of the W580X, 99 of the W580SE, and 25 pilot and development cars.

Although they haven’t confirmed the partnership will live on into a new generation, Volkswagen and Walkinshaw have signalled their interest in doing a version of the second-generation Amarok.

“This relationship has been hugely successful,” Volkswagen Commercial Australia director Ryan Davies has previously told CarExpert.

“[Walkinshaw is] a great partner to deal with, there’s a lot of mutual respect, and I think we can definitely make something

RON97 petrol price November 2022 week four update – price of premium fuel stays unchanged at RM3.95/litre

Another Wednesday, and so it’s time for the usual weekly fuel pricing update, with the ministry of finance having announced the retail price of fuels for the coming week of November 24 to November 30.

As it has been for a while, there is no change to the price of RON 97 petrol, which continues at the RM3.95 per litre it was at last week. Indeed, it is now heading into the eighth week that the premium fuel has remained priced as such, from when its price dropped five sen from RM4 per litre on October 6.

Of course, RON 95 petrol remains at its ceiling price of RM2.05 per litre, as set by the Malaysian government in February last year. No change either to the prices of diesel fuels, where the Euro 5 B10 and B20 grades continue at RM2.15 per litre, and the Euro 5 B7 blend continues

What To Know When Buying A Used Car

Used Car DealershipsAll to often it’s easy to overlook our smart particular person headgear once we’re confronted with what seems to be a incredible deal on a new used automotive. It could possibly be a fantstic deal on a new commuter, an old classic or a brilliant sporty specialty. No matter what gets your motor purring, it is important that you do not change into so enchanted by your new used car, that you simply forget to protect your self from a doubtlessly crappy automobile.

While some merely don’t seek assist from used car dealership services online for the simple reason that they can never purchase a automotive with out test driving it. This is one of the largest misconceptions that is still preserving numerous people unaware of the benefits of an internet automotive finder The net plays an vital position to find and short listing the automobiles that fit your requirements …