5 Smart Tips to Help You Save Money on Car Rentals

Renting a car is a necessary part of an enjoyable trip. A rental car will add freedom and convenience to your holiday, taking you wherever you want to go whenever. Better yet, the car will take care of your individualized needs.

Whether you need space for your cargo or you want to travel as a group, rental vans are available. Unfortunately, rental cars can be costly given the fluctuating prices and deliberate withholding of information by rental companies.

Luckily, these five tips will enable you to save money when considering vans for rent in Manila. Keep reading.

1. Avoid airport rentals

If you are flying to your destination, renting a car at the airport is convenient. Unfortunately, you have to pay for the convenience, which will add up to your rental fees.

In addition to the high rates, airport rentals charge a concession recovery fee, which compensates the rental company for the business fee charged by the airport. In order to save, choose locations away from the airport. You will need to pay a small fee for transportation to the company to pick your rental.

2. Do not accept rental insurance

Rental companies fetch good income from the insurance fees they charge you. They, therefore, will persuade you to take up their insurance offer. However, you rarely need to use that insurance.

Further, chances are your personal auto insurance agent, or your credit card company already covers you. Nevertheless, be sure to confirm whether your agent or credit card company covers you while outside the country.

3. Know what your rental fee includes

You will be required to pay taxes and other charges. Before you sign the rental agreement, find out what costs are inclusive of your rent. Most of these fees are excessive expenses that you may not need.

Unless you need them, be sure to decline them. Examples are GPS, extra drivers, children car seats, optional insurance, and fuel recharge fees. Bring your items and refill the gas before returning to save money.

4. Start shopping around early

Rental car prices fluctuate a lot, and they will be higher as the traveling time comes closer. To be on the safe side, start searching soon and book early.

If you see a car plan you like, reserve it now to avoid paying more when the prices rise. Be sure to choose a cancellable plan. This way, if the prices go down, you may cancel and reserve another one without any penalization.

5. Observe timing

Timing is essential when it comes to rental cars. The time you drop-off the rental is especially meaningful. Rental companies will charge you an extra fee for returning the car late.

Most companies rent vehicles on a 24-hour turnaround time, and even if you are an hour late, you will end up paying for another day. To save money in this case, observe punctuality.

While renting a car can be costly, taking your time to find the right deal can make all the difference. By booking early, declining insurance, observing time and knowing your rental fees you can save big and make your vacation much better.