BA Auto Care | How do you know when to change your tires?

BA Auto Care | How do you know when to change your tires?

Brian England, Tues, Apr 19, 2022

Part of any preventative maintenance should include the careful evaluation of your vehicles tires at least every 6 months. Tires are the most critical part of your car. They should be in excellent condition so your car steers, brakes and accelerates properly. Good tires keep you safe, so we include a comprehensive tire evaluation every time you bring your car in for preventative maintenance.

We check each tire for:
1. Pressure
2. Wear and wear pattern
3. Damage, puncture, or impact
4. Age deterioration

If you need new tires for your vehicle. here are three questions you should ask:
1. How do I find the best place to purchase auto tires?
2. What should I be looking for?
3. Is the internet the best place to buy or should I just go to a tire shop?

When it comes to buying tires for your car, there are many things to consider. If you have taken your car to an auto repair shop that you trust, this is probably the best place to get your new tires. The reasons are simple. They know your car, will help you buy the right tires based on your driving profile and, best of all, they will look after your car and your tires as part of your vehicle’s preventive maintenance program.

Years ago, BA Auto Care did not sell tires because we thought we could not beat the price points of the mass tire merchandisers. After hearing constant complaining from our customers about the auto handling, poor tire quality and vibration problems created by these tire shops, we took action. We began selling quality tires backed by our high-quality service and maintenance. As customers took our advice and purchased tire service from us, the handling and vibration complaints disappeared.
Many car owners think that the tire specialty shops that specializes in tires have the best tire for their vehicle. Unfortunately, these shops too often sell the tires they have in stock, which is not always the best tire choice for the customer.

Here at BA Auto Care, we purchase tires from warehouses offering a wide range of tires. This deep inventory, coupled with our service advisors, who have decades of tire experience, we can match tires to your driving experience and sell them at a competitive price that includes installation, road force balancing and road hazard care. This translates to great, one stop shopping for you that you can’t get at your local tire shop or mass merchandiser.

Some customers are tempted to buy tires online, but the problem with this is the split responsibility of having someone different to install the tires. It’s best if the responsibility is with “one entity.” Then if you have an issue, it can be quickly and efficiently resolved at the local level. We make it easy by covering all the tires we sell, taking care of issues like punctures and so forth. So, there is no waiting for an internet company to resolve your tire issues.