Oil Changes & Oil Filter Replacement: What Does This Actually Do?

Oil Changes & Oil Filter Replacement: What Does This Actually Do?

We all know oil changes are a regular part of car maintenance. But do you know what an oil change and oil filter replacement does for your car? Your car’s engine is a complex system of moving parts and your engine oil and oil filter play an important role in keeping that operation running smoothly. Regular oil change services will help ensure a healthy engine, so be sure to consult your owner’s manual for recommended intervals from your car’s manufacturer.

Frequency Matters with Car Maintenance Like Oil Changes

Different cars have different recommended maintenance schedules. While the general rule of thumb for oil changes is every six months, some modern cars can go 12 months between oil change services. On the other hand, depending on your driving habits and the age of your car, you may need to get an oil change more frequently. The best way to know how often you should schedule oil changes is to consult your owner’s manual, though your mechanic is another good resource. Skipping oil changes can cause extra wear on your engine and lead to drivability issues.

Fresh Oil Ensures Healthy Engine Operating Conditions

Your car’s engine is reliant on proper engine oil conditions to stay healthy. Whenever your engine oil level gets

mechanic-near-me-engine oil too low or it becomes over-contaminated, it will impact your engine and can cause drivability problems as well as extra wear and tear.

Engine Oil Keeps Parts Lubricated

A key function of your engine oil is keeping moving parts inside your engine lubricated. This reduces friction, which also helps prevent engine overheating. That means the benefits of engine oil’s lubrication are two-fold. On one hand, it helps prevent extra wear and tear on moving parts by allowing more easy motion. On the other hand, less friction means a healthier operating temperature, which also helps reduce wear and tear on parts. If your engine oil is too old or too low, it can quickly cause engine overheating that your cooling system can’t keep up with.

Fresh Oil Flows Better than Old, Thick Engine Oil

Oil change frequency is important for several reasons, but one of them is because the more your engine oil accumulates, the thicker it gets. If you’ve ever had trouble starting your car on a cold winter morning, it’s because cold temperatures thicken engine oil, making it more difficult to start the engine. This is a similar concept to thick, dirty engine oil. It may be more difficult to start your car, especially if the engine has fully cooled, and your engine will have to work harder in general, even once running. This will put more strain on your engine, making it more likely you’ll have engine trouble.

Clean Oil Filters Keep Engine Oil Moving Smoothly

Your car’s engine oil and oil filter work hand in hand to keep your engine running well. As engine oil cycles through the engine, gradually accumulating dirt and debris, it also flows through the oil filter, which catches as much of that contamination as possible. This helps keep your engine healthy, but if your oil filter becomes over-contaminated or clogged, it can cause big problems.

A Dirty Oil Filter Can’t Keep Your Engine Oil as Clean

The main job of your oil filter is to keep your engine as contaminant-free as possible by filtering out debris from your engine oil. This helps extend the life of both your engine oil and your engine overall. By changing your oil filter at each oil change service, your mechanic ensures your new engine oil will last as long as possible, keeping your engine healthier.

Clogged Oil Filters May Restrict Oil Flow

If your oil filter becomes clogged, it will start restricting the flow of oil through your engine. Just like when your engine oil is low, this can cause extra wear on the moving parts in your engine because they aren’t properly lubricated. This can also throw off the pressure inside your engine, putting further strain on it. A clean oil filter is crucial to allowing the proper flow of engine oil and keeping engine oil healthy for as long as possible.

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