Here’s Information About the Types of Auto Glass You Need to Know

Here’s Information About the Types of Auto Glass You Need to Know

The windshield is an important part of a vehicle. The manufacturer will choose the type of windshield in accordance with the specifications of the vehicle’s car so that when marketed it will meet safety standards. This safety standard will become one of the factors considered by consumers in buying their products.

For car owners, driving safety is a major factor. Although the vehicle has been designed as a safe mode of transportation according to the manufacturer’s standards, it never hurts to add certain features that add safety when driving a car. For example, as in the windshield.If you want to install or repair your windshield, leave it to the experts, the windshield replacement Scottsdale.

Well, what are the types of glass used by cars? What are the differences and advantages and disadvantages of each? The following Jogja car repair shops will review information about the types of the windshield commonly used.

Types of Auto Glass

Auto glass is not like ordinary glass that is used in places such as windows, mirrors, and other places. Windshield specifically designed to be reliable on transportation vehicles. Although somewhat stronger, the type of auto glass can still be solved. Because actually it’s not only the windshield that is the only protector when driving using a car.

Windshield commonly used has two types. The two types of windshields have their differences and advantages and disadvantages of each. Types of the windshield commonly used include tempered glass and laminated glass.

  1. Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is glass that is stronger than ordinary glass because of its production process, which is by heating to temperatures up to 650 degrees Celsius and immediately cooled immediately.

Because of its strength, tempered glass is difficult to break. But it can’t break at all. On large vehicles such as buses, tempered glass is designed to be broken in an emergency.

Tempered glass will break if sharp objects penetrate up to 1/6 of its thickness. When penetrated even with a small object, the entire glass will break into pieces like sharp corn kernels. But of course, the glass mounted on the sides and back of the vehicle is still not easily broken.

  • Laminated Glass

Next up is Laminated Glass. Laminated glass is two layers of glass in which a sheet of film is inserted, namely Polyvinyl Granules Film (PVB) which is usually mounted on the windshield or windshield of the car. This glass is not easily broken because the film sheets that are bonded in the middle are able to withstand collisions to certain conditions.

When hit by a collision that causes it to break, the laminated glass does not split into pieces as tempered glass. But it remains divided into sheet form due to film adhesion. This film also serves to protect from ultraviolet light when driving in the hot sun.

Similarly, reviews related to the type of glass commonly used in car vehicles. Hopefully, it can be useful information, especially for safety in driving.