How Much Does a Custom Sign Cost?

A custom sign can be expensive, but you should know that the price will depend on the type and material of the design. You can choose a single-faced sign for a lower price or a double-faced sign for a higher one. However, prices can change by up to 10% due to fluctuations in labor and materials. In addition, the cost of your custom signs washington will depend on the features you want to be included in the design. For example, you can request intricate artist paintings, custom carving, or appliques. 

Neon signs cost $50 to $800

You can add a logo or image to create a unique sign for your business, and the more details on your neon sign, the more you’ll pay. A simple graphic will be cheaper to produce than a multi-colored sign. A complex design will require more time and materials and increase your sign’s overall cost.

For those with a small budget, fabric signs might be affordable. But they’re prone to fading and are not as durable as other types of signs. They cost around $180 to install but aren’t as impressive as custom neon signs. In addition, fabric signs don’t last as long as other signs. Nevertheless, they’re inexpensive and are a great option if you want to display a unique logo or message for your business.

HDU and Wood signs cost from $1300

High-density urethane (HDU) is a closed-cell foam material that’s more rigid than most foam types. Its advantages over wood include cost-effectiveness and environmental friendliness. HDU signs can be shaped in any shape, ranging from round to oval. In addition, PolyArmor(TM coating) gives these signs exceptional impact resistance.

The HDU and Wood signs price start at $1300 for a single-sided sign. Carved HDU signs have multiple layers, with characters raised and recessed to simulate wood grain. A carved HDU sign usually is half the price of a painted sign. The cost of wood signs depends on their size but is generally less than half of carved HDU signs. For painted HDU signs, the turnaround time is two to three weeks, including paint charges.

Aluminum signs cost from $1700

Metal signs are an attractive option for many businesses. These signs are durable and eye-catching and can cost from $350 to $450, depending on size and design. The cost of your sign will depend on the method of your sign, with individually cut lettering costing more than the painted metal option. Aluminum signs also come in various sizes, including large dihedral signs. For a retro look, opt for punched metal signs.

Personalized signs can be more expensive than standard ones, but you will be happy to know that the cost range is well within your budget. Custom metal signs are available in all shapes and sizes, so you can order the design that best fits your business’s interior. Then, depending on the size and design, you can get a custom sign that incorporates your business name, logo, and slogan. Customized metal signs can also be mounted on flat surfaces, such as walls or office ceilings.