How to Find Vehicle Details easily with Registration Number?

How to Find Vehicle Details easily with Registration Number?

The registration number will assist you in determining the information about the owner of the vehicle. Find out how to locate the registered owner of a car.

A registration number is a set of numbers and letters that is unique to the vehicle. Registration numbers are identical to the ID numbers that are used in the automobile world. It is mandated to be registered by government authorities that each vehicle be registered and possess its unique registration number. Furthermore this registration number is crucial information needed in all legal proceedings that involves your car.

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In real-life scenarios it is an excellent indicator to determine the vehicle’s origin and also the identity of the owner of the vehicle. It is vital in the event of a hit-and-run. The registration number is an important hint that will help you figure out who owns the vehicle. 

If you’re looking to buy a used vehicle by using the registration numbers is an excellent method of confirming the vehicle’s particulars. A lot of people are aware of the meanings of registration numbers. However, many do not know precisely how to locate the owner who is registered for the vehicle. IndianAuto will provide you with simple methods to verify this information by using your registration numbers.

Where can you find the information about the owner of the vehicle?

In order to make the registration number database available to everyone to access, The Government as well as the Ministry of Road and Transport and Highways created VAHAN, the nation’s first online vehicle registry. The VAHAN database VAHAN includes all of the vital details about the vehicle such as the registration number.

Additionally it is worth noting that the VAHAN System is also a web-based application that collects all the information regarding driving licenses and registration certificates from all District Transport Offices and Regional Transport Offices across the United States.

How do I find owner information by registration numbers online and via SMS

VAHAN is a must-see place for citizens to look up the registration information of their vehicle. Here’s the procedure to locate the details of your vehicle with the registration numbers.

  • Go to on the VAHAN website at
  • Input the registration number of your vehicle on this page, and complete the verification process.
  • Click “Search Vehicle” and the owner’s details will pop up
  • Note the vehicle information

In addition to going to VAHAN’s website, in addition to visiting the VAHAN website, there’s another way to check car registration information by sending an SMS.

  • Text “VAHAN Registration number of the vehicle.. For instance the VAHAN AB12CD3456
  • Send to 7738299899

Then , you will receive the details for the vehicle by text message.

What information about your vehicle are you able to find on VAHAN?

Once you have completed these steps, you’ll be given the following information:

  • Registration Number/Date
  • Chassis and Engine number (Not fully disclosed)
  • Vehicle Owner Name
  • Vehicle Class/Type
  • Fuel Type
  • Make and Model
  • Registration Expiry Date
  • Insurance Expiry Date
  • Road Tax Info
  • PUCC (Pollution Under Control Certificate) Expiry Date
  • Registration Certificate Status
  • Emission Norms Details
  • Name of the financer

When do you have to register your numbers?

There are three main scenarios in which you can find the registration number helpful:

  • Cases of hit-and-run: In some crashes, the driver or motorist responsible for the incident might attempt to escape liability by fleeing. However, if you are able to remember that registration code of the fledgling vehicle, you can trace your identity as the car’s owner and may be able to find out the identity of the driver.
  • Inspection of used cars A useful use of the identification number can be used to check an used car. Certain used car dealers might attempt to swindle customers by providing false details. One method to determine whether sellers are providing accurate details is to check the registration number to verify the details of the vehicle.
  • No objection certificate Due to VAHAN’s central database, RTOs are able to access your car’s details. This means that you do not be required to provide the No Objection Certificate to the RTO officer in RTO offices.