Minor Maintenance Tips for Your Vehicles

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No matter what type of vehicle you drive, from large semi-trucks to small golf carts, regular maintenance is critical to keeping them operating efficiently and correctly. From SUVs to recreational buses, they all have moving parts that need attention on a regular basis. Here are some minor maintenance tips for all the different types of motors in your life.


All motor-operated crafts have filters that keep the engine and air clean as it enters the motor or cab. Although you don’t have to worry about checking the filters every month, it is a good idea to examine them at least twice a year. If the folded fabric is damaged or dirty, purchase a new one from your local auto parts Apopka store.


Oil may be the most talked-about fluid required by engines, but it is not the only fluid your vehicle requires to operate smoothly. There are also coolants, brake fluids, windshield solutions and transmission liquids. Checking to make sure each reservoir is filled to the designated line will keep your engine working properly.


Brakes are hidden inside wheel wells, and for that reason, they are often forgotten until the parts start squealing, rattling, grating or grinding. If you hear any of those sounds when you press the brake pedal down, contact a professional and arrange an inspection.


Most people ignore their vehicle’s tires for months at a time instead of checking for possible nail punctures, tread cracking or rock inclusions. Rather than wait for a tire to lose air when you are in heavy traffic, take the time to check for problems each month. You must also remember to keep your tires inflated to the proper PSI.

Although these are minor maintenance tips, if you catch any issues that may occur before they become a problem, you can keep your vehicles and watercrafts purring for many years. Performing minor maintenance on your vehicles can also save you big bucks.