Preparing Well for a Road Trip

Early fall is a great time to take a road trip. The bulk of the tourist season is over in most places, children have returned to school and people are back at work leaving a lot of very interesting places more easily accessible. On top of that you get to see all of the fall foliage along the way. There are a few steps you should take to ensure that you encounter fewer problems while on vacation.

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A Roadworthy Vehicle

Don’t just cross your fingers and hope that your older tires are going to make it halfway across the country on a road trip. Have your tires checked and rotated, and if needed replace them. It will be well worth avoiding any accident you may have had otherwise. Have all of the fluids, belts and filters checked out to make sure they can take the strain. Visit an Arlington WA car repair shop to have your brakes or other systems checked out.

Put it on Hold

You will less worry if you simply put your mail on hold at the post office, have a newspaper office hold your papers until you return, and have any necessary packages delivered to a different address – someone you trust nearby. Have your sprinkler system blown and shut down before you leave so an unexpected frost won’t cause damage.

Secure the House

Cut dowel rods to fit in your window tracks so that they can’t be forced open. Install some motion sensor lights around your home’s exterior. Some inexpensive timers on lamps throughout your house can have lights going off and on at night as if someone were there for added security.

This might sound like a lot to do but in reality each of these things only takes a few minutes and can give you greater peace of mind while you’re away. That way your vacation really can be rejuvenating and relaxing and when you come home you can be ready she hit the pavement running again.