Signs That Tell You Need to Check Your Car’s Health

Why is My Check Engine Light Flashing and Car Shaking?

The health of your car is as important as your health and that of your loved ones. This statement is because when you ensure that your vehicle is in good shape, it helps protect your life by reducing accidents and roadside emergencies.

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That way, you will help the car function correctly and stay in good shape for an increased resale value if you intend to sell the vehicle in the future.

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Like humans go to the hospital for regular medical check-ups, it is good to take your car for routine maintenance and servicing. That way, the life span and performance of your vehicle becomes lengthened and increased.

However, sometimes, you may skip out on the regular serving or check-ups for your car as time or other factors may restraint you from doing that. Hence, it is crucial to take note of certain things or signs that your vehicle gives you. These signs are like the tears your baby gives when they are in pain but can’t communicate their feelings to you.

Therefore, you must watch out for these signs as they telltale secrets of having your car checked. The following are some of these signs: –

1.  The car jerks when you change the gears

One of the significant signs that tell you to check your car’s health is when it starts to jerk when you shift the gears. If you experience this difficulty with your vehicle, it is most likely that the car’s transmission has a fault. Therefore, you need to have the car checked quickly.

2.  The check engine light is continuously flashing.

Another sign that you get when your car’s health needs to get checked is when the check engine light keeps flashing. The flashes show that your car’s engine is misfiring and can lead to a rise in the catalytic converter’s temperature. Therefore, when your car gives you this signal, you need to check and rectify the issue immediately.

3.  The car makes strange noises while you are driving.

If you keep hearing strange noises or sounds from the car when you are driving, then you need to have the vehicle checked as soon as possible. For instance, if your car makes a screeching noise from under the hood, then it is possible that the serpentine belt needs to get changed or it is loose. It would be best if you also were cautious of sounds like clunks, clangs, noisy turning, noise from the tire, thuds, amongst other types of rattling sounds.

4.  Smoke comes out from under the hood.

This sign has got to be one of the most common ones that the car gives. If your vehicle brings out smoke from under the hood, the chances are that the car is overheating. What you need to do when you notice this smoke is to stop driving immediately. The reason being that an overheating vehicle may lead to a lot of other damages for the car.