4 Ways to Make Your Car Battery Last Longer

Important Tips to make your Battery last Longer

The car battery is a necessary component to keep the car working smoothly.One of the most irritating and humiliating automotive issues may be a damaged or failing battery.It can lead to your car unexpectedly breaking down in traffic.

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Here are 4 ways to make your car battery last for an extended period.

1.  Turn off all lights when you exit the car

Forgetting to switch off the headlights of your car or some other light in your car will have a detrimental impact on the battery of your car. This is because a significant portion of the battery’s charge would be depleted from keeping the headlights on while the car engine is not running.You might go back to a car with a battery that is too weak to fire up the engine, based on how long the headlights have been left on. Permanent damage to the battery can result when this occurs regularly. Therefore, you should always keep it in mind to turn off any light in your car once you get down.

2.  Minimize dirt and corrosion

Having dirt on car components is inevitable. Over time, the heads and terminals of your car battery will corrode.Often keep the terminals clean to ensure extended battery life.Clean the battery and brush out the grease, debris, and rust after removing the clamps.Scrubbing the debris with a toothbrush covered in a baking soda and water paste is a good way to keep them clean.Then, rinse the mixture off with a spray bottle of cold water. Follow this up by carefully drying with a clean rag. A dirty battery terminal can diminish the charge it yields. Check the terminals every 4 to 6 months at the very least and clean them if they are dirty or corroding.

3.  Ensure to go on long rides

Using your car just for short rides will prevent the battery from completely charging. Driving long distances on a frequent basis gets the batteries charged up and durable. If you do not use your car often, it is recommended that you purchase a portable battery charger for your car. This prevents your car battery from running down when not in use for a long time.You can jump-start your battery with a portable car battery charger without having to use the battery of another vehicle.

4.  When in idle state, don’t use your car’s electronics

When your car engine is not running, using the electronic functions, such as air conditioners or radio, will weaken the strength of your car battery.Turning on the car’s electronic features constantly while the car is not in use will damage the battery.In fact, the shortest way to a dead battery is the use of electronics in the vehicle when the engine is not running.

Car batteries can last between 2 and 6 years on average, but like most car components it all depends on how you handle them.