A List of Little-Known Reasons Why Buying a Used Car is Better

A List of Little-Known Reasons Why Buying a Used Car is Better


If you’re thinking of replacing an old vehicle or are considering buying your very first car, there are many reasons why buying a used vehicle is a better deal. These reasons are often quite obvious – it will save you money, of course, since buying used can let you save as much as 50% compared to buying new. When you buy used, you don’t need to deal with the vehicle’s depreciation, either, which is a big relief. And there are so many used models out there that still have great quality and can give you a great transport option for many years to come. But what other reasons are good enough for you to seriously think about purchasing a used vehicle? Here’s your list of the little-known reasons why buying a used car is better.

  • They are inspected and certified 

You have the option of buying vehicles that have been thoroughly and carefully inspected and certified, especially when it comes to Certified Pre-Owned models. This will give you peace of mind knowing that the vehicle you are thinking of getting is a quality model. When a vehicle is Certified Pre-Owned, this means that it is not only inspected and assessed – it is often also refurbished and then certified by the actual manufacturer or another authority. These vehicles may also come with special deals and financing, an extended warranty, and more. 

  • They can come with a warranty 

If you opt for a used vehicle, it can still come with its original warranty, which is already a good deal in itself. But you can also go for an extended warranty deal on your used car, which means that if your car needs repairs, it will be done by trained technicians using high-quality parts, and their service will be quick and fast. 

  • They have lower registration fees per year

Another little-known advantage of purchasing a used vehicle is that it can come with lower registration fees per year. This is already a big relief for many consumers because, in many states, the yearly registration fee rate will vary based on the value of the vehicle and the year. In general, the registration fee rate will be higher in the vehicle’s first (3) years, and this will become lower and level off in five years or so. You should be able to save as much as $1000 by avoiding those annual and new registration fees if you purchase a vehicle that’s a minimum of or more than three years old. 

  • They come with lower costs of customization 

When you buy a new vehicle and you want it customized, you will have to contend with expensive add-ons from the dealership. But when you choose to have a used car, you have lower costs of customization because you can simply install your own customized features when you want and as you want, as confirmed by used car Utah professionals such as the Young Automotive Group. 

With the price of used vehicles as much as 50% less than new vehicles, this option already gives you an awesome deal. And when you factor in the amount of depreciation of new vehicles, which can be quite a lot, it’s good reason enough to opt for used since used vehicles will have already gone through depreciation – and that’s one less thing to worry about. 

Image attributed to Pixabay.com