Boating Safety Tips

Boating safety should be a number one concern of boating and watercraft enthusiasts everywhere. In places where boating adventures are a number one recreational pastime, it’s even more important to make sure residents and craft owners are familiar with safety needs and precautions. Taking these precautions includes using quality parts for your engine and marine plumbing systems Newport Beach CA companies sell.  In addition to repair or replacement components that restore your boat to prime operating condition, there are some additional tips to help improve your safety on the water.

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Plan and Prepare

Although it might seem redundant, taking an interest in boating safety means proactively addressing areas of concern. Always carrying the right number of life jackets is one way to stay safe, but making sure they are right size for the passengers is more important than simply having them on hand. Always carry a working fire extinguisher on the boat, as well as flares, and a first aid kit. There are many things that can happen during a boating excursion, and preparing for these possible situations can help protect the safety of those on board.

Don’t Drink and Drive

Just like the rules of operating an automobile, drinking while operating a boat is illegal. The legal limit for operating is an .08 percent alcohol level, but it can be hard to measure what you have reached. Body sizes, medications, dehydration, and how much you have eaten can affect how quickly the alcohol metabolizes from your system. If you are caught and charged with a boating DUI, the offense could be a federal offense. Consequences could include jail time, steep fines, revoking your operating license, and even impounding the craft.

General Caution

Whenever you are planning a boating trip, check the weather forecast. Storms or inclement weather can come up unexpectedly, making for dangerous boating conditions. Always bring enough food and drink to last longer than your excursion, and bring clothing that can be worn in layers. These are several of the more common boating safety tips.