Choosing the Right Truck Accessories

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The popularity of trucks has surged in recent years for good reasons. They’re versatile, safe, and functional, with some of the newer ones providing more comfort and better gas mileage than earlier models. And given all the truck accessories on the market, owning a truck is just plain sexy these days.

Before you begin to accessorize your truck, you should decide what you need. Otherwise, you could find yourself investing in too much or too little. Truck accessories can provide functionality, improve safety, and enhance appearance, and choosing the right accessories can add to the truck’s value.

Accessories That Are Functional

A truck is built for heavy duty wear and tear and can be a workhorse.  Its real power is in its ability to haul and pull heavy loads. A tow hitch and tow strap are essential accessories if you plan to do any kind of towing. Tie downs help secure loads from moving around while driving. If you do a lot of work in the truck bed, a locking toolbox and bed lights should be considered.

Accessories That Are Safe

Many larger trucks have a high ground clearance. Running boards give you that extra step you might need to safely get in and out of the cab. Given the size of some trucks and the risk of rear blind spots, you should think about installing a backup camera if you own an older truck. Since May 2018, federal law requires backup cameras in all new U.S.-built vehicles.

Accessories That Are Attractive

Two of the most popular truck accessories are bedliners and tonneau covers. Bedliners protect your truck’s bed while keeping cargo from sliding around. Tonneau covers come in many forms and provide cargo protection from the elements.

These are just a few of the most common truck accessories. If you are buying a new truck, discuss with the dealer what accessory packages might be available. Buying an accessory package allows you to include its cost in the financing and can help you negotiate a final purchase price.