Do not drive if you have experienced these signs

Don't drive if you're fatigue or drowsy.

Have you ever felt sleepy while driving? If so, did you continue driving or stop for a moment? Not only the car that needs to be treated, but your body condition also needs to be considered before driving. It’s useless if you know the price list of the best car engine oil, always service on time, and buy the best components for the car but instead rarely maintain body condition when driving. Do not be overlooked, body condition is no less important than the condition of a car engine. If both are not properly considered, it is difficult to realize a sense of security and comfort when driving.

Drowsiness varies, some can still be held, and some cannot be tolerated

If you have experienced various signs like this, then you should not force to continue the journey.

  • The eyelid feels heavy, even though it has been tried to open it many times, the eyelid will slowly close again.
  • Yawn many times.
  • The mind is out of focus, sometimes even thinking about other things or even often dazed.
  • It is often wrong to see traffic signs. Because the mind is out of focus, then paying attention to traffic signs will be difficult, it can even make you lost.
  • Vehicles get off the track and it is difficult to drive straight.

If you have experienced the signs above, then stop and rest for a moment do not continue the journey. The conditions mentioned not only can harm you, but also dangerous for others.

According to an interview with a Safety Driving Center trainer, after three hours the body will more easily feel tired and can cause loss of concentration

Therefore, the driver should stop for a moment and get out of the car to do a little exercise. But if that doesn’t work, it’s recommended that you rest for about 20-30 minutes. Rest can be used for eating or sleeping. No need for long, even if only 10 minutes, quality sleep can refresh the body again.

Keep in mind safety is the main thing, so don’t ever drive if you are already sleepy!