Airport Parking: How to save money and the pros and cons

Ten Ways to Save on Airport Parking – The Points Guy

If you plan to go on vacation, it is common to wonder whether it will be better to get public transport, go there by taxi or drive your car and park it at the airport. This is a hotly debatable topic, and arguments in favour and against each option exist. Review sites such as can help you get reputable companies that can guide you on the option to go for. This article focuses on airport parking and parking services at airports. It offers insights on how to save money at airport parking bays and the pros and cons of airport parking.

Tips to Save on airport parking

Short term parking lots should be avoided at all costs

The primary purpose of short-term parking lots is to drop-off and pick up passengers. Never leave your car overnight in a short-term parking lot. This is because it will only have you pay much for something you could have avoided. Instead, look for nearby locations, you can park your vehicle at affordable rates.

Plan your travel to be outside peak periods. 

Peak travel times include holidays. During such times, expenses related to travel, including parking, can be too high. Thus to ensure cost-saving, prefer planning your trips in off-peak periods. In different locations, worldwide peak travel periods differ. A general trend with air travel is that during spring breaks and winter holidays, these times are most likely to be the busiest times.

Research all your existing memberships

Scrutinise all your insurance, credit cards, credit union, phone Company and other memberships, and see if you have access to any travel deal, airport parking and transportation that you may not be aware of. By looking through this membership deals, you can find exclusive discounts that you can leverage on.

The pros and cons of airport parking


 It is time-saving and cost-effective

Cost-effectiveness is two-sided. It is a pro and can be a con. Today, a majority of airports provide parking spaces that can be booked before time at particular rates. Depending on the specific airport, parking rates vary, with certain locations being more costly than others. Parking spaces near airports tend to have higher rates as opposed to those far from airports. Booking the space before time offers one immunity from the stress of driving around the parking area for hours searching for an empty parking space. With a booked space, you’ll find space already reserved, thus saving you lots of time to do more important things.


Airport parking spaces are made to ensure the convenience, suitability and comfort of the travellers. The fact that you’ll only be needed to walk for a short distance to reach the terminal after parking your car makes it comfortable and convenient. It eliminates the hassle of having to deal with the often inefficient and slow public transport.


A majority of airports today operate for 24 hours and have security systems that are operative all through. Thus they will monitor your parked car whereabouts all the time. This will ensure peace of mind. However, security at the airport parking space is double-edged, and depending on how you view it, it can be a con.



Airport parking can save you lots of cash. However, it can also take lots of cash. Certain airports charge about USD25-50 a day as parking fee; such are higher than other options such as public transportation. You can also find affordable off-site parking sites. A majority of the off-site parking spaces still offer excellent services, and they are just a walking distance from the airport. Thus before getting to book a parking space at the airport, make sure that you have considered the other options available and weigh them. This way, you will be able to settle on the most effective travel plan to suit your needs. Some airports offer free parking services consider such.


A majority of airports have reliable security systems when it comes to vehicle and travellers security. But it’s hard to know what will happen, human error can always occur, and due to the significant number of people and cars in the airport, there might not be enough resources to guarantee their safety. Thus, it is essential to ensure that you don’t leave your precious and vital belongings and essentials in the car as they attract possible threats. Ensure that before you entrust your vehicle to the airport’s security, you know the airport’s abilities as far as security is concerned.

In conclusion, when it comes to parking at the airport space, there are various factors to consider and also pros and cons to weigh. This article has covered money-saving tips to consider and the pros and cons of parking your vehicle at the airport.