Don’t Panic When the Hood of the Car is Emitting Smoke

Don’t Panic When the Hood of the Car is Emitting Smoke

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The suggestion that is embedded in our minds when the hood of the car we are driving is emitting smoke is to get out of the car immediately. This is true because the smoke that comes out indicates something is wrong with the engine components and there is a risk of causing a fire.

No need to panic excessively when this happens. You can call the Waukesha Towing Service to bring the car to the garage so that it can be checked immediately. If you want to try to fix it yourself, make sure you know several possible causes, including:

Installation of additional accessories

Currently, there are many cars that use various additional accessories to beautify or make the car look cooler. But sometimes this installation actually changes the original cable settings from the manufacturer. If the wiring is not done properly, it will cause a disturbance in the electrical system and causes smoke accompanied by fire.

Oil leak

Oil leaks can occur due to inappropriate cables, less tight connection installation, and forgetting to install the oil cap after changing or checking the oil. As a result, the oil will flow out and hit a hot engine. This is what will then cause smoke from the hood of the car. However, this problem usually occurs in older cars that don’t pay attention to the condition of the engine components.

Radiator leak

What comes out of the hood of the car due to a radiator leak is not actually smoke, but water vapor. However, because it resembles smoke, it often causes the same panic. Even so, the condition of a leaky radiator cannot be ignored, because it can cause the car to overheat.

Electrical problems

Apart from installing additional accessories, the car’s electrical system can experience problems due to several other things, such as a malfunctioning battery and damaged cables. This condition is very dangerous because the smoke that comes out may not only come from the hood but from other car parts according to the location where the electrical problem occurs.

Knowing some of the causes of the smoky hood will at least help make your mind calmer when you face these conditions, so you can find solutions to overcome them without feeling panicked.