Getting the Most from Your Diesel

Getting the Most from Your Diesel

Diesel trucks, although one of the more noticeable noise makers on the road, are highly praised for their durability and performance. To get the most out of your vehicle investment, you should take care to have regular maintenance done. You should also always use quality diesel engine replacement parts if repairs are needed. Here are some other tips to get the best performance out of your diesel engine.

1. Use a digital tuner. There are small electronic devices that can help guide your engine’s performance according to your habits as a driver. These devices acts like programmers and can be tuned to improve your fuel efficiency.

2. Use a fuel additive. If you continually clean your fuel injection system with a fuel additive, your can improve your gas mileage and operating processes. There are additives that work to inhibit corrosion, that lubricate, and that modify deposits.

3. Adjust your cold air intakes. By installing cold air intakes or upgrading your air filter, you can increase the airflow through your engine and strengthen performance. These also help keep contaminants from clogging the engine. Restricted airflow can hurt your fuel economy.

4. Change out your exhaust. A diesel’s performance relies heavily on the efficiency of the exhaust system. If you upgrade your current setup for one with a bigger capacity, you can increase your engine’s horsepowerbecause it can handle the exhaust volume.

5. Add a turbocharger to your engine. If you really want to step up the power coming from your engine, a turbocharger is the way to go. This would be a good addition if your primary work is driving or hauling heavy loads. Turbochargers increase your oxygen flow and increases power output.

All of these suggestions will help improve the performance of your diesel engine. The best way to make sure your engine is operation at its potential is through regularly scheduled maintenance checks. These can alert you to a problem before it happens, and it keeps everything in top working condition.