Rekeying or Replacing: Which Do You Need?

Replace or Rekey Your Door Lock? | Locksmith Services | Atlanta, GA

Whether you’re buying a new home, moving into an older home or simply looking for peace of mind, you’ll eventually think about replacing your house’s locks. But do you need to? Many people aren’t aware that rekeying is another option, or that it can be less expensive. First, though, you have to determine if lock rekeying Orlando will meet your needs.

Differences Between Rekeying and Replacing

Replacing a lock is just what it sounds like: removing the existing lock assembly to install a new one. In contrast to this, rekeying a lock involves disassembling the lock and changing the pins in the cylinder to correspond to a new key’s cut. The latter requires less hardware, including both the tools required and the replacement materials. If you don’t want new locks entirely—which can also mean new doorknobs as well—a rekeying procedure serves the same purpose of changing the keys needed to enter. However, when your locks wear out or you want a functional or aesthetic upgrade, a full replacement is necessary.

Is Rekeying Easier?

Rekeying locks, whether done yourself or by a hired locksmith, does often cost less than replacing them. Many retailers even sell rekeying kits, an appealing opportunity for DIY fans. That doesn’t always mean it’s the easier option, though. While replacement locks require you to measure for reinstallation, the rekeying process is more elaborate, especially if you want each lock to have its own key, and the kit has to match the manufacturer. It’s far from a “one size fits all” process, and it may be tougher than you expect unless you find a professional.

Which to Choose?

Ultimately, the better option between the two depends on your situation. If your locks are in good condition and you just need to control lock access, rekeying should be fine. However, if your locks are damaged, or if you’ve lost the key entirely, rekeying won’t be feasible. Your locksmith can assess the situation, answer your questions and suggest a course of action.