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Top 8 High Quality Gun Vehicle Safety Products for Cars and SUVs

A majority of people who own firearms don’t mind having a full-size gun safety. They likely have one in their home or on their nightstand. What many people don’t think about is how to transport their firearm safely.

People often carry their guns with them on the go to protect themselves, but they don’t consider the potential dangers. This is especially true since many firearms can be taken out of cars.

This is where vehicle safety comes in. Thankfully, there are many options available today to keep your vehicle safe.

You have many options. Names such as Console Vault, Locker Down and Fort Knox are all available for your truck beds, underseat storage and more. There are many options for locking your firearm in your vehicle, no matter where it is stored.

It took me a while to go through the many options available on the market and find the 11 products that best suit my needs.

1. Console Vault

The Console Vault 1040 looks a lot better than the factory storage container

They are probably the most trusted name in vehicle firearm storage. They work great! I’ve had the opportunity to test them myself.

A safe that is specific to your vehicle’s console can be purchased. It will fit perfectly into that console and not just be a one-size fits all solution.

They are available for all makes and models of vehicles, including Ford, Dodge, and Chevy.

They have the solution for you if your motorcycle needs to be safe!

The availability of lock options is another great thing about this company. You can choose from a barrel lock, a 3 digit combination, or a 4 digit combination when you place your order.

Their build quality is excellent, as you would expect. They also offer great support. You can also use Gun holster in your car safes.

2. If you don’t love Console Vault for any reason, Locker Down will be your next choice! This offering looks almost identical to Console Vault at first glance. And you’d be right!

Personally, I don’t believe either has better quality than another. Both offer many options for vehicles.

Locker Down is different from Console Vault in a couple of ways. The EXxtreme Console Safes are available in 10 gauge steel.

An electronic locking mechanism is another option that can be used to distinguish them. This is what many people prefer.

You have the option of choosing from an electronic lock, a 4-digit roller lock or an abloy lock. This lock is what police use and is not pickable.

They also offer safety options that are universally applicable, even if your vehicle is not listed.

3. RAPiD Vehicle Secure

This safe is not only the fastest, but also the most unusual safe you can access.

The safe has an air bladder that you place between the passenger seat and the center console. Once you have filled the bladder, it locks the safe in place. This allows you to access your firearm from right in front of you. It can also be secured to your vehicle with a security cable.

There are a few ways you can access the safe, including RFID, keypad, and barrel key port.

The safe is made from 14 gauge steel. It is powered by either a 12-volt car adapter, or four AAA batteries.

Remember that this safe can only hold one firearm, whereas many safes on the list can hold more than one firearm.

4. Snapsafe Under-Bed Safes

These safes have been a topic of discussion on this website. They are extremely versatile due to their low cost and ability to be used underbed safe or vehicle safe.

It can be bolted into the truck’s bed or back of an SUV. Then a slide tray opens, allowing you to place firearms and other valuables. It locks by simply sliding it back in.

These safes are available in three sizes: extra large, medium, and large.

5. Stealth Auto Open Biometric Pistol Safe

This is a brand new product for me! This one was discovered while searching for the best vehicle safes. Stealth is a brand I’ve known for years and have featured many of their products on this website. However, I didn’t know they sold an automobile-specific unit until I wrote this article.

It has a 12-gauge body and a 14-gauge steel door. This is not the thickest option in steel, but it is also not the thinnest.

It is accessible via the keypad or biometric fingerprint reader.

Two pistols should be possible to be safely stored in the safe.

Similar to the Fort Knox, which we will discuss in a moment here, it is not something you’ll keep near your driver’s seat. Instead, it will be mounted in the rear part of the vehicle. It is not meant to be used for driving, but for transport.

6. Fort Knox PB4 Auto Pistol Safety FTK-Auto

The original PB1 Fort Knox safe has been the standard in pistol safes! This safe is incredibly simple to use and has tons of steel. Did you know that they also have an automobile version?

This safe has a front-facing door that can be used to secure the car’s seat underneath. The safe still features 10 gauge steel and simplex locking mechanisms. There is also padding inside.

This safe is not the fastest access safe available today. It would work well for someone who just wants to transport a firearm and not necessarily have it at their disposal while driving.