What are the Differences between a Tesla Car Model and a BMW i4?

BMW Readies i4, Its Answer to Tesla

Movements have changed since the invention of cars, making it an easier means of transportation between locations. Over the years, this invention has seen different innovative ideas on the original car designs. Car producing companies have done extreme make-over on the concept of a car and its capabilities. These days, cars are used as a means of transportation and for sports and recreational activities. These cars have upgraded from an older way of powering the engine of the four-wheeled beast to a sleeker and more efficient method. The electric-powered cars like the Tesla and BMW i4 are an epitome of technological prowess. You should read these car companies reviews to know if users and drivers find comfort in their designs and models.

The Tesla Car Model

Tesla car model is known for one thing, and that description separates them from other car-producing companies alive, the production of electric cars. Tesla was founded in 2003 by engineers who wanted the World to see electric cars as a reliable means of transportation instead of an older gasoline engine. Tesla designed the World’s 1st ever built all-electric car, the Model S, which has bested every other car in its category. You should visit US-reviewsto know if this car brand really has a model of an acceleration speed of 0 – 60 mph in 2.5 seconds, making it the third-fastest car acceleration ever produced at the time of release, as claimed.

BMW i4

The BayerischeMotorenWerke popularly referred to like BMW, is a car company that is not new to the electric-powered car world. This new Model from the giant company is expected to compete with the Tesla Model 3 car. The i4 will feature 530 horsepower with an 80.0-kWh battery-pack capacity. The BMW i4 has a top acceleration speed of 0 – 62 mph in 4 seconds.


·         The tesla car model features a faster acceleration at 60mph in 2.5 seconds with the BMW i4 at 62mph in 4 seconds

·         The horsepower of the Tesla brand goes as high as 762 horsepower. On the other hand, the BMW i4 features a 530 horsepower engine.

·         The tesla display screen on its interior has more of a portrait look than the BMW i4 curved rectangular look.

·         The infotainment system on the Tesla is less complicated and more user-friendly than the BMW’s i4 complicated iDrive system.

·         Tesla car models have an autopilot system that helps in lane centering, cruise control, and self-parking control. The BMW company has a similar technology called the “personal copilot,” but the i4 does not have a self-driving technology installed.

·         From reviews of Tesla, it has a more durable and safer crash feature allowing drivers or passengers to remain secure even with a little crash. There are no words from BMW about how to face the gigantic company’s i4 will be.

Since the BMW i4 is yet to be released, some features are yet to be put to the test, like just how long can it drive before the battery runs out. Tesla has proven to be the best electric powered car production available, but the competition rises and becomes stronger. Picking between these cars would be strict regarding the driver’s preference.