Causes of Car Strikes and Are Car Towing Services Needed?

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There are many reasons why a car breaks down. However, the following 5 things are always a problem for vehicles, especially cars that are used daily for travel. Using the vehicle every day certainly requires regular maintenance. Generally, the problem of breaking down is caused by damage to engine parts. If that happens, you can call a car towing Racine service to take your broken car to the nearest repair shop.
Therefore, vehicle service is always carried out regularly every few months. The goal is that the condition of the machine is always excellent. Let’s look at which parts of the vehicle can be at risk of making the car break down.

Clogged Fuel Filter

Vehicles cannot be used without a fuel supply. However, if there is a problem with the fuel filter, it can cause the car to break down.
If the fuel filter is clogged, it is generally caused by the process of adding gasoline. The gas tank can be contaminated by then. Finally, a blockage occurs so as to make the flow of gasoline choked into the tank. The gas that comes out will definitely be reduced.
If left continuously, then the vehicle engine is not able to work optimally. This culminated in a sudden strike. To be able to solve this problem, you just need to replace the fuel filter. The location is adjacent to the vehicle engine block.

Broken Battery

It can be said that battery damage is the main cause of vehicle breakdowns. If the battery is damaged, it cannot function normally. Of course, the engine will be difficult to start. Even tried several times still to no avail. This is the reason not to let your vehicle battery drain.
It is necessary to check the condition of the battery every time. If it continues to be forced, a damaged car battery can cause other problems. Of course, you don’t want that to happen, do you?

The alternator is broken and needs to go to a crane repair shop

The alternator can also be the cause of the vehicle not starting. Also known as ampere dynamo. Its main function is to supply electrical energy from the battery. If the energy supply is met, the vehicle can be started and run normally.
However, the amperage dynamo can be damaged over time. Your vehicle’s engine can stop suddenly whenever electrical energy is lost. Fortunately, there are some signs of damage to this section. Among them appeared the smell of burning rubber, dim spotlights, screeching sounds in the engine, even the battery indicator lights up. If these signs appear, immediately go to the repair shop to check the condition of your vehicle’s amperage dynamo.

Overheat is the Cause of Car Strikes

Living in a tropical climate where the air temperature is quite hot can make the vehicle overheat. In the end, the vehicle broke down. Plus, when you don’t check the radiator water.
Lack of radiator water, even if it has run out, makes the engine heat up faster. The cooling process cannot run normally. There was a domino effect. The piston of the car is so disturbed that it can melt. It is certain that your vehicle will break down.

Troubled Vehicle Carburetor

Another cause of the vehicle not starting, especially on older technology vehicles, is the carburetor. When too little fuel enters the vehicle, the combustion process is incomplete.
Finally, very difficult when starting the car. If your vehicle suddenly breaks down, then there is an indication of a problem in the carburetor. Immediately remove the hose connected to the component. Then put it in a bottle. Try starting your vehicle again.

Here are 5 causes of a car breaking down that you need to know. Remember, keep your vehicle in top condition with a thorough service routine. Prevent early, you can carry out daily activities comfortably.