Guide to buying auction cars in Korea

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South Korea is one of the leaders in car production. High build quality, modern safety systems, efficiency and practicality allowed Korean cars to be in demand not only in Asia, but also in Europe, Canada and the USA. However, special models are produced for the domestic market, which can only be bought at local car auctions.

What cars are there only in South Korea: with factory LPG, gas + electric hybrids, diesel cars

  • Factory gas equipment. Most of the exported cars consume gasoline, while models with the ability to switch gas / gasoline or even without a gas tank are offered for the domestic consumer.
  • LPG and Electro. Hybrid cars of Korean manufacturers are presented in many countries, but gas + electricity hybrids are produced only for the domestic market. Examples include the Hyundai Avante Hybrid HDel and KIA Forte Hybrid HEV.
  • Diesel. Diesel vehicles (KIA K5, Hyundai Sonata) are in great demand. Most often, they are equipped with small (1.4-2.0 l), but powerful engines, with or without turbocharging. Note that Korea is responsible for environmental standards, minimizing harmful emissions.
  • EV. For fans of “green transport” there is a wide range of electric vehicles at auctions.

Car auctions: the main thing in a nutshell

The huge number of used cars inside the country has led to the organization of sites AuctionAuto for their sale abroad – auctions open to non-residents (Autowini, Encar, Carvision). However, there are also internal closed auctions, to which only local residents have access (

What can you buy? Complete and ready-to-use vehicles. Unlike, for example, US auctions, in Korea, only fully serviceable cars that have not been in an accident are put up for sale. Auctions are held at intervals of several weeks, so that all interested parties can independently or through a representative make sure of their choice – to see the car live.

Each lot contains basic information about the car: model name, year of manufacture, equipment data, technical characteristics, odometer readings, etc. Photos from different angles are also exhibited.

The price is set by the winning bid. Let’s add right away that local motorists are in no hurry to overpay for a used car, so they go under the hammer quite cheaply.

How to buy a car from South Korea?

The most reliable way is to use the services of a representative. With AuctionAuto LLC, you will have access to open and closed Korean auctions, which can only be traded by locals. Buying is also possible from the sites of catalogs with advertisements for the sale of used cars from companies.

Buying a car in Korea – you get modern quality at a low price. A complete package of documents required for legalization in the buyer’s country is provided for a ready-to-use vehicle.