Is Hauling Grain the Job for You?

Every year, farmers around the world harvest grain and transport it to their consumers. According to the International Union of Marine Insurance, grain makes up a third of the dry bulk cargo carried across the sea. With so much of this vital food moving around, you might think that efficient and reliable transportation systems would be in place. However, grain growers are finding that it is difficult to get their product moved effectively.

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A Healthy Paycheck

After a great season and with a healthy harvest all prepared and ready to go, grain farmers need people to fill truck driving jobs hauling grain. For people who are interested in these seasonal positions, there’s a good chance that the pay will be good. However, there may be some challenges to consider beforehand.

The Days Are Long and Hard

When harvest season comes around, everyone involved gets up before the sun and turns in when the day’s work is complete. For some workers, this means 20-hour days. Drivers generally head home earlier than many farmhands, but you should still expect to work a long day. While you may think you’ll be sitting cozily in a truck, listening to music or a book on tape, the truth is that your fairly tedious day will be broken up by unexpected inconveniences.

Trucks Aren’t Comfortable

The hardworking trucks used to haul grain from one place to another are built for protecting the grain, not for the comfort of the driver. Additionally, these trucks are pretty expensive, so farmers use them for as long as possible. You may end up driving a truck without air conditioning or a smooth ride. However, if the truck breaks down and needs to be repaired, you could be reimbursed for spending a few hours waiting for repairs.

If you’re interested in hauling grain for farmers in your area, it’s a good idea to check into available openings. Although you’ll probably work long hours and end up feeling very tired at the end of the day, you stand to earn a comfortable amount of money performing a job that positively impacts people all around the world.