What to Know About Car Window Tinting?

What to Know About Car Window Tinting?

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Most car owners can admit they love riding in their car.  We all experience vision blindness each and every day from sharp sunrays hitting our eyes.  Not everyone has made the switch to sunglasses to keep the deadly sun out of their vision. Then there are the other drivers who’ve been dashing the sun while driving around in tinted windows. We all see this on a daily basis driving through our communities.  You could have considered getting tinted windows years ago, but never followed through.  Tinted windows have many benefits most don’t realize.  Here are some things to know about window tinting.


Depending on where you live in, window tinting can range from cheap to very expensive. Take the time to do a little research.  Find out how much it’ll cost to tint all of your windows on your car. Most people opt to lay tint at the top of their windshield to fight the glare. Those who live in the hotter states wake up to the bright sun all day.  Search through your local communities for the top-rated window tinting businesses.  Many can be found by or near other automotive stores in your area.  Call them with specific questions in relation to the type of cars you own.  Question whether it’s better to do the front windows versus the back. Next, you’ll have to decide on how dark you want the tint.  Use the internet to look at images of tinted cars similar to yours.  Ask your family and friends what they paid for their tinted windows.


Most window tinting businesses can handle your car within an hour.  Then again, not all of these businesses are the same.  During your chat with the staff on your initial call, ask what’s their estimated time of competition.  After all, you don’t want to be sitting there all day.  Many of us have to return to work during our lunch hour or have to push it off to the weekend.  Once you know how long it will take schedule that into your busy life and make the appointment.  Most window tinting staff will give you an idea of how long you have to wait.  If you can’t make it to the shop for inspection, then save time by sending an email with a photo of your car.   This way they see the dimensions and any hard to reach areas.  You can find any window tinting Maplewood MO business near you.


Call a window tinting business to find out what types of tint is best for your car.  They will give you a good idea of which window tint is high quality vs. low-quality. Your goal is to go for a clean and smooth lay of tint.  No one wants to get window tinting that will bubble up once you leave their lot. The best quality window tinting is often resistant to a lot of heat and very easy to cut.  Learn the law in your state regarding window tinting.  Many areas allow for a specific minimum percentage for your windows either on the side or back.